Without transportation, most businesses would be nothing. Rebex is your personal intermediate in the constantly changing world of supply and demand. Rebex intermediates between certified suppliers of road-, sea and air transport. With Rebex as your transportation partner, you will never have to worry again about the way your cargo is shipped. Rebex is fast, independent, honest and makes sure you always pay best price. We’re 24/7 at your service.

The face behind Rebex is René van Eersel. His passion for transport and logistics started in the nineties, when he worked as a soldier in the Dutch army. Back then his job was to load and unload military vehicles. When René left the army, he decided to continue working in the transportation industry. He started as a distribution assistant, became a truck driver, retrained himself to be a planner and eventually became a shipping agent. After working as a shipping agent for six years at Gebatrans Venlo, he got the opportunity to work for Korean logistic company Unico. In 2016 René decided the time was right to take his knowledge, experience and network to the next level. This was the beginning of his own company, Rebex.




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Road Transport

Inside Europe, road transportation is still the most common way of transporting your goods. Whether you need to ship a small or a big amount of goods, Rebex takes care of all types of cargo. We consider every option so we can always offer you the best logistic solution for your shipment.

Instead of owning an own fleet, Rebex works together with various logistic partners. These partners provide their trailers, trucks and containers with different kinds of load capacity and different fees. This gives Rebex the opportunity to always present you the best options. Fast, safe and cheap. Of course Rebex concerns about the environment, so we always look for the most sustainable solution.

Container Trucking

Are you considering transporting your goods by container? Rebex is your personal assistant in finding the fastest and cheapest solution. Rebex has a lot of experience in taking care of container transport for different kinds of companies.

Rebex collaborates with several certified transport companies that provide container transport. Rebex intercedes for you with different transport providers, so you always receive the most favourable option. Don’t hesitate to contact Rebex and inform about the possibilities.

Intermodal Transport

Depending on the types of cargo you’re planning to ship, Rebex will present you the most efficient way of transportation. In some cases, using multiple modes of transportation is the smartest solution. For example, the first part of your shipment is shipped by boat and the last part by train. Intermodal transport means transporting your cargo is outsourced to two or more logistic partners.

Rebex has a lot of experience in planning and organizing intermodal shipping projects. Rebex takes care of the entire process, including required customs documentation.

Special Transport

In case the size, volume or weight of your load is different from the usual sizes and options, Rebex is here to offer you the best alternatives. Rebex cooperates with various transportation partners, specialized in special transport. We sure know that special goods deserve special treatment.

Rebex gives you honest and independent advice, and is a reliable partner when it comes to special transport. Rebex combines transportation by land, sea and air to offer you the fastest and cheapest solution.

Ocean Fright

Considering shipping your goods by sea? Rebex provides both short sea and deep sea maritime transport at very attractive rates. Whether you are shipping a part load (LCL) or a full container (FCL), Rebex will offer you the most efficient and cheapest ways of transporting your maritime cargo, within and outside of Europe.

Rebex has no contracts with shipping companies or ports, and therefore always advices you independently. Rebex takes care of the entire shipping process, including required customs documentation.

Air Fright

When your client is in a hurry and it’s not possible to wait for his cargo to arrive by boat, truck or train, transport by airplane might be your best option. Rebex insures that your air freight meets all national and international requirements for air transport.

Rebex does not depend on certain airports or airlines. This gives us the opportunity to search for the best prices and fastest solutions for your air freight. Rebex has vast experience in organizing and handling transport by air and therefore, we can accurately advice on the best options and required customs documentation.


For all your needs concerning the storage of your cargo, Rebex is the reliable partner you’re looking for. Rebex has its own warehouse of 500 m2, located in logistic hotspot Venlo, close to the Belgian an German border. This warehouse is available for temporary or long-term use. For (temporary) storage of cargo in need of a bigger surface, Rebex cooperates with various warehousing partners on different locations.

Rebex will look for suitable and affordable storage space for your cargo. We also take care of required documents, such as licenses and insurance papers. We’ll make sure that your goods are stored safely, for any desired period.

Customs Clearence

Rebex has years of experience in preparing and handling national, European and international customs clearance documents. We are aware of the latest laws and regulations concerning all types of cargo and we’re happy to assist you in completing all customs matters. Rebex is here to assist you out and to make sure you don’t have to worry about managing your cargo and shipments.